We work alongside law firms, accountancy practices and patent and trade mark attorneys, refreshing the way they approach marketing and business development and making sure the limited time their fee earners have for BD is used to best effect.


One of the lessons we’ve learned along the way is that sometimes it’s much more time and cost-effective to outsource some of the background activities to specialists.  This ensures the impact business development has on potential fee earning time is kept to a minimum and makes sure the marketing deadlines you’ve set aren’t pushed back because of unforeseen client demands.  


Writing new blogs, articles and other types of content is definitely one of those activities.


We now help a wide variety of clients (all of whom are either professional service firms or companies who specialise in supporting the professional services) produce a wide range of brand new and totally unique content.


Our experienced writers understand the nuances between practice areas and how and why each departments’ clients use the advice they offer. 


Just as importantly we have helped many firms develop their proposition and their preferred ‘voice’ so we know exactly what style to use to maximise audience engagement whilst maintaining brand congruence.  


Experience has also taught us every firm is different.  This is why we are totally flexible when it comes to setting up how we work with you.


In general terms when it comes to producing content for clients we offer lawyers, accountants and patent and trade mark attorneys the following services:



We’ll come up with ideas based on what’s happening in your practice area, your local area or within the sectors you want to focus on.



We produce the content you want in the format you want by when you want it, keeping each piece to between 500 and 700 words so it’s search engine friendly.  We also offer as many amends as required at no additional cost so you are completely happy with each piece.



We will make sure each piece contains the key words and terms that will help promote the page effectively.  We can also write the title tags and meta descriptions for each piece if you need us to.



We can produce a pre-agreed number of social media posts for each piece so all you need to do is copy, paste and post!

But before we start working together, we’ll work out which parts you want so you only receive (and pay for) the help you actually need.


If you’d like to have a chat about how we could produce brand new blogs, FAQs, top tips or any other type of content for your firm or any of your departments, please email us today and we can arrange a convenient time to talk.


Or if you’d like to find out more about the full range of marketing and business development services we offer solicitors, accountants and patent and trade mark attorneys, please visit the main Tenandahalf website.