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10½ ways lawyers and accountants can recycle their blogs so they have the maximum impact

Here are our top 10½ tips for squeezing every last drop out of the blogs, articles, FAQs and top tips your solicitors, accountants and patent and trade mark attorneys are writing.

1. Updates

Revisit your back catalogue from time to time and see what needs to be updated so that it reflects any legislative or political changes. Alternatively, if you wrote a piece for one industry sector, why not just update the points of reference and terminology so it’s relevant to the other sectors you’re marketing to?

2. Newsletters

Combine all of the content you produced over the last three months into a new quarterly e-newsletter. To make this even more relevant (and, therefore, more valuable for the reader) you can divide your content (and audience) by practice area or industry type.

And if quarterly looks like too much of a commitment, try an annual. Every Christmas Tenandahalf picks one piece of content from each of the preceding 12 months and package it up as our Christmas Annual and it’s grown into one of the best-received marketing pieces we produce.

3. SlideShare presentations

If you are writing regularly for the trade or local press, why not bring the PDFs of your recent articles together into a SlideShare presentation. It will give you a nice looking electronic file to share with your relevant clients and contacts. Better still, as it’s ‘readable’ if you publish it on your website or via LinkedIn, it will also positively influence the search engines which could even create some new enquiries.

The big watch out though is that these may contravene copyright so you need to make sure the publications involved not only know what you’re planning to do but have given you their express permission to use their materials. Many will see the value as it puts their name and their work in front of a relevant audience but some won’t so always ask.

4. PDF downloads

Bring your articles and blogs together as a branded PDF and offer as a free download via your website and social media. Again, to make it as relevant as possible it’s probably best to produce these PDFs by sector or practice area.

5. Infographics

Many people now prefer to watch something for a minute or so to reading a traditional article so why not use one of the free infographic platforms online to produce short videos. We use Lumen5 and it really couldn’t be easier … or cheaper!

6. Webinars

If you have a confident speaker in your team, ask them to re-present your articles as short webinars.

Again there are loads of free webinar and screen recording platforms online so all you need is half an hour and a decent headset but you’ll be left with a video link you can use to reconnect with existing clients and contacts and maybe even start some new conversations.

7. YouTube

If you are going to turn blogs into webinars or infographics, make sure you are republishing these links on your own YouTube channel. Millions of people search YouTube for very specific information every day so it’s definitely worth spending the few seconds it takes to go through their exceptionally easy upload process. And just as some people prefer to listen rather than read, others prefer pictures to words.

8. Flowcharts

If any of your blogs focus on a process, why not turn them into a flowchart with a few well-chosen graphics to make it more attractive to the eye?

9. Guest posts for referrers

The majority of your key referrers will also have active content marketing plans. If you send them your blogs and ask if they want to publish them as ‘guest posts’ (and, of course, reciprocate by offering them the same opportunity on your blog/in your newsletter), you will reach a brand new audience.

10. Link back to old content

When you’re publishing new content online, link it back to old articles where you can.

Not only are backlinks something the search engines look for, but providing such easy access to more information is also a good way to keep people on your site for longer.

10½. Showcase your most popular posts

It may require a bit of a tweak to your website but having a sidebar or header on your home page that highlights your new blogs does increase your readership as people can easily miss a new post.

Or if making that change to your website isn’t viable, have a wrap up on LinkedIn and/or Twitter every Friday that summarises that week’s new content in a series of short updates and/or tweets.

If you'd like to discuss any aspects of your content marketing strategy, please email us today and we can find a convenient time.

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