• Doug McPherson

3 simple questions you can use to write blogs your audience will want to read

Before I started this blog I googled how many blogs about Covid-19 have been indexed …

… the answer is 3.08 BILLION!

Against that level of competition, how can you have any confidence your next blog will get any readers at all? Well, I’d suggest it may take more than simply including ‘Covid-19’ or ‘coronavirus’ in the title.

With so much similar content being pumped out at the moment yours needs to answer the very specific questions your clients are asking, in the language they’ll understand and under a headline they’ll recognise and react to.

With that in mind if you have been tasked with writing your firm’s next blog perhaps asking yourself these 3 simple questions before you get started. They should help you to come up with an angle that will appeal to your existing audience and with a headline SEO may be to turn into a new audience:

1. Who was the last client you spoke to on the phone?

2. What did they ask you?

3. What was your reply/advice/suggestion?

You’ve now confirmed your target market. You just need to ask yourself if that client represents the majority of your clients and targets or a niche within your client base, what kind of language they used and what depth they wanted to go into.

You’ve now got your headline (which is the question they asked you) and your angle (the fact they asked you the question they asked you) and confirmation your angle is relevant (because they asked you the question they asked you).

You’ve now got the body of your blog – i.e. the answer you gave them. Better still, if you bang it out straight after your conversation, your words will still be in the right order which will make the whole process easier, quicker and, most likely, better structured.

If you’d like any help with finding more readable ideas for your blog, please email us today and we’ll find a convenient time to talk.

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