• Doug McPherson

How can a lawyer or accountant use content to market their practice online?

“How can I market myself better online?” is a question we get asked a lot by the solicitors, accountants and patent and trade mark attorneys we work with.  Here are 5 of the practical content marketing tips we tend to incorporate somewhere in our answer:

1. Keep it short

People now access online content via their smartphone or their tablet so tackle one topic per article, get straight to the point and remember the ultimate wordcount – keep anything your writing to one page on a smartphone!

2. Make it valuable

People read content because they want to understand how to do something, whether that’s solving a problem or avoiding a problem.  Don’t pontificate on the law or legislation.  Identify an issue, offer a solution, add your contact details should your readers require more information then end it there.

3. Make it readable

Write in plain English so that people from outside your profession can instantly understand what you’re saying.  Lose the jargon, lose the acronyms and lose the academics.  Good content is totally focused on helping your readers.

4. Grab people’s attention

Don’t post under bland, uninspiring titles.  Rather than taking the easy path, e.g. ‘Legal update xyz’ engage/challenge/tempt your audience by telling them ‘How can you avoid the pain of a visit from HMRC?’ or ‘How can you minimise the impact of the menopause on your workplace?’  And questions are always best because that’s how people now search online.

5. Use real life examples 

If your content is written for a particular sector or demographic, include specific (but anonymised) examples of similar work you have done in the past to underline you have the specific expertise that audience demands. 

If you’d like to discuss how you can use content to market yourself online, please email us and we can arrange your first free 30 minute consultation.

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