• Doug McPherson

Do we really need thousands more blogs with the C-word in the title?

While we are all more than aware that the root cause of our current uncertainty is Coronavirus or COVID-19, do we really need to include one of those two words in the title of every new piece of content we create?

I know it’s tempting to use one of the C-words as it’s all over the news and pretty much all we’re talking about. But, if you think about your objective – to get found, pique the readers’ interest and persuade them to click through to find out what you have to say – using the same word as almost every other blogger will have the reverse effect.

Your blog will be lost.

Worse than that, you have less than a fraction of the resource and knowhow the major media platforms have so there is you stand no chance of leap-frogging them onto page one.

I’m guessing you will already have published quite a few blogs headed up with the C-words so my suggestion would be to slightly change tack now and think about the questions your clients are going to be asking the search engines.

If you’re a residential property solicitor than may means something like ‘how can I move house when I can’t leave the house?’

If you’re an employment solicitor it may be ‘what does furlough really mean?’ or ‘can I be furloughed?’

If you’re a tax accountant it might be ‘how do I defer my VAT bill?’

From there you just answer the questions in a few paragraphs and in plain English (and we explained the content marketing benefits of the FAQ model in our last blog).

If you’d like to chat about how you could refresh your content marketing approach to meet your clients’ current requirements or would like to discuss outsourcing your blog to us, please email us today and we can schedule a call.

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