• Doug McPherson

For lawyers and accountants ‘blog and pray’ is not an option!

While it would be nice to think you’ll build an audience just because you publish strong, informative content, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

If you are going to build up an audience that will generate new enquiries and new opportunities, you need to utilise a range of traffic generators including:

1. Organic search traffic

Google will always be a major source of new readers so make sure your blog is tagged up and fully optimised to maximise the likelihood that anyone searching for what you’re writing about actually finds you.

2. Direct traffic

Make sure you are directing the people you know to your blog.

Include a link to your blog in your email footers, publicise it on the home page (or relevant practice, department or sector pages) on your website and even be prepared to email a link personally to those clients and contacts you think should be interested in that particular topic.

3. Referral traffic

While it’s hard for lawyers and accountants to swap links with other firms, with clients or with other general interest sites, there are some potential referral options you can consider.

If you sponsor a trade body, make sure an exchange of links and their promise to promote your blog ‘live’ is included in your agreement.

Or, if you are providing private client services for a particular area, ask local news sites if they’d like to link your content into their feed as added value for their readers.

4. E-newsletters

Make sure all of your e-marketing includes full details of and links to your blog and, if possible, examples of recent headlines.

5. Social media

Put a process in place to ensure every new blog is promoted across all your social media channels … and not just once! People could easily miss your update if they’re not scrolling at that exact time to try posting it (with slightly different wording) at different times of the day over the 3 days after publication.

And extend that process so that all of your fee earners know what’s been published and when so they can like and re-share the links to boost their visibility.

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of your content marketing strategy or would like to find out how we could help you produce a steady flow of new and unique content, please email us today.

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