• Doug McPherson

When I blog how do I build up my readers and keep them coming back for more?

Being able to pick an interesting/relevant/valuable topic is of course the number one priority and we covered how to do that in a previous post.  However, here are 5 more stylistic tips you can follow to make sure your blogs are as reader friendly as they can be:

1. One topic at a time

Stick to your topic and don’t get bogged down by adding in all sorts of other bits and pieces.  And if there are a number of additional considerations linked to your topic. Use those as your next couple of blogs!

2. Know your audience

How will your topic impact on your audience?  How could they take personal or commercial advantage of an upcoming change?  What do they need to do next?  If you understand all of these things you have a structure for your blogs that will make sure they deliver the clear, practical and valuable direction your readers want.  With all of the other content flooding onto the internet every day, that will help mark your blog out as one of the ones to follow.

3. Post regularly

Pick a frequency and stick to it.  If you start off promoting your weekly tip, you need to write regularly as that’s what you’ve told your readers to expect.  In the early days it’s easier to maybe commit to a monthly blog (after all you’ve got billing targets and client demands to meet before anything else).  You can always increase the frequency over time if you want to.

4. Guest contributors

If time is tight, why not ask a professional contact or even a client to write for you.  They’ll be involved in your world and will have a slightly different perceptive on the subjects you’ve been covering …  not to mention getting them involved will take the weight off your shoulders and give you access to a new audience too!

5. Always be you

A blog isn’t a dissertation or exam answer.  Make sure you write as you talk so it’s as easy as possible for your readers to follow and use your advice.  Don’t be afraid to offer an opinion or indicate what you think is the best course of action in a particular set of circumstances; your readers can easily Google the exact wording of a piece of legislation, they’re reading your blog so they understand what you think the effects will be and/or how to use it.

If you’d like any help with turning your ideas into a regular working blog please email us and we can arrange your first free 30 minute consultation.

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