• Doug McPherson

How can lawyers and accountants make their blogs stand out from the competition?

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

When it comes to blogging the good news for solicitors, accountants and patent attorneys is the benchmark isn’t that high.

Far too many professionals still take the path of least resistance; technical updates, case commentary and appraisals of recent legislative changes are the standard so to stand out, all you really need to do is to cut the theory and concentrate on application. F people know your blog will provide them with something they can actually use in their working or personal lives (and that the advice you’re giving is easy to read and easy to understand), they’ll keep coming back and they’ll be more likely to share the links with their colleagues and contacts.

At this point I’m usually told “that’s all very well but how do you make something practical?” and my answer will usually be based on the following 4 tips:

1. Use anonymous case studies

Any point you make will hit home harder if you tell it as a story. People like stories. They’re easier to relate to than a technical piece and they can actually help to put what you’re trying to say into a real life context readers can relate to/sympathise with.

2. Use the news

If you can use something in the public eye to elucidate a point then it will catch your readers’ eye. If it’s something completely unrelated (e.g. a football result or a recent TV show), that’s even better! You should actually want your readers to think “now why the devil would a tax accountants/property litigator be writing about that?”

3. Use bullet points

If your title tells people that you’re going to give them 4, 7 or 11 tips (never 5 or 10!) on a particular topic, that tells them they’re going to be punchy and to the point which in turn means reading them won’t be a slog.

4. Use a question

Using a question as your title is an easy but effective way to draw a reader in. If they see it and think “that’s the type of question I could well ask myself”, they’ll click.

If you’d like some help getting your blog started (either in terms of advice or outsourcing the in initial writing to us so you can see these tips being put into practice), please email us and we can find a time to talk.

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