• Doug McPherson

How can you turn your blog into a public service?

I know it’s a line you’ve probably read several thousand times today but these really are unprecedented times. None of us have ever had to face anything remotely similar before and because of the uncertainty, all of us have an increasing number of very specific questions we need to find the answers to.

And this is how you can turn your firm’s blog into a public service.

Think about the questions your clients and contacts are asking you and use those as the basis for your next series of blogs. Jot down the questions and try and answer them in a couple of short, clear and practical paragraphs people can skim to find out exactly what they need to know in minutes.

There are 4 advantages to using the FAQ model:

1. They’re quicker and easier for your fee earners to write. As they’ll be answering these questions a few times a day, they’ll have all the right words in all the right order.

2. Because the majority of searches are made using questions, if you’re using the questions you’ve picked as your headings, you’ll make it much more likely that they’ll be picked up the searches your prospective clients are making.

3. They give you perfect social media posts. As your followers and connections will see a question that’s directly relevant to them, they’ll want to read your answer so your click-through rate – not to mention your pass on rate -should increase.

4. As new legislation and new initiatives are coming out on a daily basis, you can link your blogs to the relevant pages on the government or HMRC website. Backlinks are one of the factors Google looks for when they’re ranking your pages so this can be an easy win.

If you’d like to set up a call to discuss how you can refresh your content marketing strategy to meet the requirements of the times or if you’d like to find out more about how you could outsource your blog to us, please email us today.

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