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How does a lawyer or an accountant start a blog?

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Because of our slightly strange nomadic working week, podcasts tend to play an important role in terms of keeping me company.  One of my favourite podcasts is Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review and they have a standing joke that goes something like this:

“So how do you start using Instagram?”

“You just start using Instagram.”

This has been trotted out for a number of things our curmudgeonly tech-phobic middle aged hosts pretend not to understand but although it’s very much played for laughs, it can easily be applied to blogging.

“How do I start a blog?”

“You just start a blog!”

For lawyers and accountants there is often a nervousness about ‘putting myself out there’.  Don’t be worried, you know loads of stuff your clients and prospective clients need to know.  Don’t think about trying to be the next Dorothy Parker, just think about how you can share some of the knowledge you have, knowledge you know could help to make your readers’ lives easier.

To help you choose a first topic to get you started ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What is the question I have been asked most often by clients?

2. What is the most leftfield question I’ve been asked recently?

3. What is the likely impact of the most recent legislative change within my practice area?

The answers to all 3 of these questions will give you some ideas for your first few blogs.  Now what you need to do is turn each answer into a question (that’ll be the heading for your post and without going into the boring SEO technicalities, questions play best in the search engines and you want your blog to be found).   Then answer that question in between 350 and 500 words.  Then publish it either on your firm’s blog on your website, on LinkedIn using the ‘publish an article’ feature or alternatively on a dedicated blogging site like WordPress.

Also don’t forget to add a ‘and if you would like to discuss this issue further’ type line at the end with your email address because the main objective of the exercise is to get a response!

And here’s my very own ‘if you would like to discuss this issue further’ type line … .if you’d like to have a chat about how you can get your own blog up and running please email us and we can arrange your first free 30 minute consultation.

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