• Doug McPherson

How long should my blog posts be?

Given the sheer volume of information on the internet (so much of which will be being pumped out by other law firms, patent and trade mark attorneys and accountancy practices!) you need to tell your readers what you need to tell them in as few words as possible.

My advice is always to choose the one thing you want to get across and then follow this simple 4-step process –

1. Highlight the issue

2. Offer a solution

3. Invite the reader to contact you for more information

4. Get it live!

This allows you to keep things short and to the point and will help your blog gain a positive reputation as a place to go and learn quickly which is still the most potent way to increase your repeat readership.

However, if you want a stricter guideline to work to here are some of the tips I’ve been given during my career:

“Stick to 300 words or just over because a woman’s attention span is 225 words and a man’s is 185!”

“Imagine one page on a smart phone.”

“You need to be able to read what you write between 2 tube stops.”

If you’d like any help with your blog please email me and we can find a time to talk.

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