• Doug McPherson

Is it time for lawyers and accountants to start experimenting with interactive content?

The popularity and adoption of interactive content is growing fast. It is a trend that every law firm and accountancy practice should be experimenting with.

If we look at the psychology, presenting your content in a way that encourages your readers/watchers to do something to find out more when they’re on your blog covers off 6 of the 7 major ways to learn (and to be honest, if you also allow it to speak at the click of a button, you’d have a full house!). But cutting through all that, people like to feel involved. And of course, you can never underestimate the need to push buttons.

I don’t know about you but my favourite school outing was always the science museum. That was because I could push buttons and flick switches to see what they’d do. Or I could put on a pair of headphones to find out more.

Think about interactive content in the same way. What could you do with your content to allow people to satisfy their curiosity? How could they get involved with the messages you’re trying to get across?

If all this sounds a bit like science fiction here are a couple things that are proving popular at the moment:


This is the most obvious option and is also the one you’ve most likely already tried. If you haven’t

there are 2 options to consider and both lend themselves to a ‘click here to find out more’ style link:

1. A talking head. You ask a fee earner to sit and talk to the camera for a minute or so to answer a questions or provide an update.

2. An anime. You produce a very short animated video with the keywords running across the screen.


How much do people know about the law or the regulations governing their industries? How would people react in certain situations?

A short multiple-choice quiz would allow them to assess their knowledge. Meanwhile, you can collect their contact information in a GDPR-compliant way.

‘Flipping books’

Rather than offering your newsletter or white paper a flat PDF download, turn it into an online book. It’ll pop up in a new window and allow the reader to flick through the pages and zoom in on the most relevant parts.

Calculators and other tools

We’ve seen a variety of practice areas launch cost estimators. They ask people to enter a few details to find out roughly what the fee for the work they need will cost. Although it does take a fair bit of work to put these tools together, the results are impressive. The firms in question have seen a marked upturn in both enquiries and conversion.


If you find out what worries your audience, you can make more informed marketing decisions. Your visitors will tell you exactly what you should be writing about and what to cover in your seminars.

And, if you are someone who likes new ideas backed up by stats, here are 2 for you:

70% of marketers say interactive content is better at engaging their visitors.

93% of marketers say interactive content is better at educating their visitors.

More importantly, how many of your competitors are trying interactive content? No more than a few I’d wager! Your efforts will mark you out as a forward-thinking firm willing to invest more to educate your existing and prospective clients.

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