• Doug McPherson

Is it time to start using a virtual-editor for your blog?

I know you will be investing a lot of time you don’t have to write your blog but unfortunately studies/research/stat repeatedly show that nearly 50% of online readers skim read posts.

This means your posts need to be to the point and easy to understand just as much as they need to be relevant and technically accurate and as the majority of lawyers and accountants aren’t trained as writers and it’s unlikely there’s going to be an editor to call on elsewhere in the firm, it’s sometimes a good idea to use a virtual editor.

If that seems like just something else you need to do then remember …

… one of the things clients expect from an accountant, a solicitor or a patent attorney is attention to detail. If you are posting content with errors, typos or waffly sentences you will not be showing yourself in the best light.

More worryingly, given the number of people who’ll be writing about similar subjects across the internet, they may bounce off your blog and move into your competitors’.

Two of the sites we’ve seen used to good effect are Grammarly which checks your grammar and spelling and Hemingway which highlights where you can tighten up your sentences and suggests better words to use.

Surely taking a few minutes to put your posts through these short, automated tests is worth it if it means you hold even one potential client’s attention all the way through to clicking through to your enquiry form?

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your content marketing strategy or find out how we could deliver a steady flow of publication-ready posts for you to use, please email us today.

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