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What are the 6 most effective ways for lawyers and accountants to promote their blogs?

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Once you’ve taken the time to write a blog you need to make sure you do what you can to maximise the number of people who read it. Although it will take time to build up a following here are 6 of the most effective ways we’ve found to at least accelerate the process:

1. Social media

Make sure your blog is promoted via LinkedIn, Twitter and any other social media platform your firm’s using. This is by far the most effective traffic generator as people will click straight through from their feed if the subject is something that interests them.

And remember, people look at their timelines at different times so be prepared to repost the links 3 or 4 times (especially on Twitter) to make sure you stand the best chance of being seen.

2. Ask for your colleagues’ help

Once you’ve posted your links, ask your colleagues to like them and share them with their networks/followers. While there will probably be a little overlap between your following and theirs, if you get as many people across your firm involved as you can you will immediately reach a much larger audience, all of whom already trust your firm’s name.

3. Email

The first thing to do is as far as email is concerned is to make sure your blog is featured within your firm’s or, better still, your department’s e-bulletins.

This can either be a link to your last blog or a button ad incorporated into your template that promotes your blog more generally. If as a group you are producing regular content, why not send out a monthly or quarterly round up redirecting your audience to the pieces they have missed?

Our second email tip is to add a line to your email signature telling everyone you email that you have a blog and giving them the link so they can click through to take a look at the topic you’ve been covering.

4. ‘Wrote this and thought of you’

If you know that someone should be interested in a particular subject you’ve just blogged about, stick it on an email with a quick cover note saying you though it should be of interest because …

This is not stalking, this is being helpful! People genuinely appreciate it if they think you have their best interests at heart.

5. Utilise your network

Similarly if you think what you’ve written would benefit your referrers/introducers/contacts’ clients, why not send them an email letting them know it’s there and you’d be more than happy for them to forward it on if they think it may be useful?

And while you are in touch, why not ask if they’d like to exchange some guest blogs? You write for their audience and they for yours and you both reach a larger audience.

6. Presentations, seminars and webinars

This is probably the simplest tip but it’s also the one most of our clients forget to do! If your presenting in any guise (in person or online) why not put a link to your blog under your contacts details on your last slide? To explain why, just add a line like ‘and if you want to keep up with our regular online updates on topics just like this, remember to follow our blog at …’

If you would like to discuss how you could use our blog writing service to add a new source of enquiries to your or your department’s business development plan, please email us today and we can set up a call.

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