• Doug McPherson

‘Squeezing the lemon’: How to repackage your content so every piece has the maximum impact

Writing new content takes time so you can’t afford to just write, publish and forget about it; take some time to think how you could repackage it so that it attracts a bigger audience.

The first thing to consider is people like to learn in different ways. Some people like words, some like much less words, some like pictures and some like to listen so ask yourself if your blog could be turned into:

  • A short animated infographic

  • A presentation for an upcoming seminar or conference slot

  • A webinar

  • A flowchart or more graphical lay-out clients and contacts can download and pin up

  • Part of a white paper or longer, more comprehensive PDF download

  • A set of top tips

  • A series of social media posts

  • All of the above!

If you’d like to have a chat about what you could be doing to ‘squeeze the lemon’ to maximise the impact of your content marketing, please email us today.

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