• Doug McPherson

What lawyers and accountants must do to make the search engines pick up on their blogs

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

While most content management systems don’t allow you to optimise your blog posts in the same way as your main website pages, you still need them to be recognised. So that they are, you need to incorporate the key words relating to your topics and, more importantly, keyword terms.

Keyword terms are the phrases/questions people are most likely to type into Google while they’re looking for information on certain subjects. This means if you guess right you will organically appear closer to the top of the results which in turn should maximise the potential of new enquiries.

There are a number of websites and apps that will identify the key terms and current search trends for you and it’s sometimes a good idea - especially if you’re struggling for inspiration - to this type of search to get some ideas to work back from.

Alternatively, think about the last tricky question a client asked you and use the question as your heading and your answer as your blog. The FAQ format is quick, to the point and very easy to write (and read).

Better still, as your heading is likely to be what people are using to search for their answer, it will again push your blog up the search engine results.

However, don’t just lazily pepper your blogs with key terms! It’ll be totally unreadable and Google will rain heavy penalties down upon you and force you down the rankings.

If you’d like us to help you produce a regular flow of new blogs based on current key search terms, please email us and we arrange a time to speak further.

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