• Doug McPherson

Why do lawyers and accountants need to find time to blog?

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Blogging. Everybody’s doing it, everyone’s talking about it and everyone’s promoting theirs. And that’s fine. Maybe they’ve got more time than you to do all that blogging stuff? Maybe they’re not under the same client and billing pressures as you?

The only thing is blogging is a proven way to add value to your existing client relationships, boost your profile and create new enquiries.

According to a recent study from Impact 52% of business-to-business marketers said blogging will be critical to their success in the coming year.

In the same study 70% of these business’ clients said they’d rather learn about their services through articles rather than advertising and 68% said they are more confident about their service providers after reading their content.

That’s not marketing flim-flam; that’s your target market talking!

While blogging may sound like just another thing you have to do on top of everything else, it is essential.

Your blog gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your expertise and specialisms and offer practical advice your readers can either use or use to increase their own knowledge. Your blog also allows you to position yourself.

Although it may be hard to swallow, many people still have a certain perception of lawyers and accountants. They think they’re going to be talked down to, that they’re going to be bamboozled by jargon and drowned in impenetrable verbiage.

If you can explain what you want to get across in a clear and – dare I say – conversational way, you will immediately put yourself in front of those among your competitors who are (if they’re blogging at all) still writing in that more traditional style.

If you can get your ‘voice’ right you’ll come across as someone the reader could actually turn to when they need straightforward, useable professional advice.

And of course, a regular flow of relevant new content will keep the search engines happy.

Google is still responsible for around 65% of the new enquiries a law firm receives (though admittedly these figures are skewed by family, Wills and residential conveyancing) so you need to be telling Google what you do and how you do it on an almost daily basis.

It was also interesting to see that the same study 40% said social media will be critical, 32% said webinars and podcasts will be critical and 30% said video would be critical. If you have a regular blog you will have all the content you need to drive your social media, pod/webcasts and video with no additional effort and regular readers will already know the affection we hold for squeezing the lemon!

If you would like to have a chat about how we could help you produce a regular flow of new and unique content, please email us and we can find a time to talk.

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