Who writes blogs for accountants?

That’s an easy one.  We write blogs for accountants!


Having helped accountants find new ways to refresh their approach to marketing and business development for nearly 20 years, we really do understand the accountancy market and how your different practice areas fit together.


More and more we are being asked to blend that understanding with our copywriting capability to produce more current and more engaging blog posts for our accountancy clients.


We have written from a tax, audit and advisory perspective as well as producing more specific pieces aimed at particular industry sectors or demographics.


So that you can simply pass the whole process over to us, we offer the complete blogging service for accountants. 


This includes:




We will find the correct angles based on what is happening in your core markets.




We will recommend the right formats, frequency and even ways to repurpose existing content for your various audiences.    



We can write all the content or if you have some willing authors in your team, we will do the sub-editing so their blogs are easier to understand for non-accountants.



We will ensure each piece incorporates all the right keywords and search phrases so your blogs show up in more searches.


And don't worry, we don’t just write blogs.  We can also copywrite brochures and other advertising materials or create extended articles for the trade or local press.


If you would like to find out more, have a look at some examples of our work or contact us so that we can arrange an initial chat.