Writing effective blog posts for lawyers

Most lawyers know that producing regular new and relevant content is an extremely effective way to boost their search engine rankings, build their online profile and – ultimately – generate new enquiries.


However, while they may have the very best intentions, time and client pressures can make it really difficult for them to find the time to sit down and write blogs and articles.


This is where can help you.  Our experienced copywriters have written hundreds of blog posts for law firms.  They have covered every legal practice area and the majority of industry sectors.


The understanding of the legal market we have built up from working with law firms for almost 20 years means we are able to make the whole process as easy as possible for you. 


All you need to do is tell us which area you’d like us to write for and when you’d like to publish the piece.  We will then go off and research potential angles and topics and produce a draft for you to review.


Part of that research is to monitor current search trends and the most frequently used keywords so that we can incorporate both to maximise the impact each of your blogs will have on your search engine rankings. 


You can see what our clients say about our blog writing service here.


Or please take a look at some examples of our work.


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